Rest in the UAE: an overview of resorts and attractions
The United Arab Emirates is located on the eastern part of the Arabian coast. Here…

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Interesting places in the Belarusian Grodno
Grodno is a city in Belarus, one of the oldest in the CIS. Grodno has…

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10 dangerous roads in the world
The most dangerous roads in the world are an amazing sight. When you drive a…


10 interesting facts about time zones
Interesting fact 1. Step 3.5 hours long Where: Afghan-Chinese border Crossing this border, the clock…


Amazing vacation in Mirgorod
Today Mirgorod is one of the most popular spa resorts in Ukraine. First of all,…

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gardens and lakes

5 of the strangest state borders

Where there are boundaries, there will always be dissatisfied. Yes, and the boundaries are always set painfully – through wars, painful negotiations, political fraud and intrigue. It is not surprising that some crazy stories are associated with borders.
1. Americans who were on the other side of the Mexican border
A fence between Texas and Mexico was erected under President Bush, Jr., in 2008. The goal is obvious: to reduce the number of illegal migrants and block the traffic on oxygen. For the American farmers living on the very frontier, this innovation should have been a great relief (they really were not thrilled by the constantly traffickers plying here and there and the periodic exchange of fire between drug cartels) if not for one small circumstance: these Americans were the result of another side of the fence. Continue reading

Rest in the UAE: an overview of resorts and attractions

The United Arab Emirates is located on the eastern part of the Arabian coast. Here you can relax all year round, although the most popular is the period from October to May. It was at this time in the UAE that the most pleasant temperature (at the level of +25 – +30 degrees Celsius), in the summer, it can rise to +50 degrees Celsius. But this does not mean that in the summer you should not come here. During this period, prices for tours are much lower, besides, there are air conditioners installed in all rooms (even at bus stops), so the heat will not be strongly felt. The main resorts that are now actively developing in the UAE are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah.
Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. People come here for shopping and excursions, beach rest fades into the background. Continue reading

Scandinavia – the country of mysterious legends

Every time Russian travelers begin to share their impressions of acquaintance with Scandinavia, many completely opposite statements arise. Someone can not help delight and seeks again and again to go on tours to Scandinavia: skiing in Finland, see the Norwegian fjords or stroll through the beautiful northern capitals. And someone comes to utter disappointment and argues that it is not possible to understand these closed cold people “without a pint”, and this does not always help. Although, it would seem, it is easier for us, Russians, to understand the Scandinavian peoples – their northern neighbors, but it was not there. Continue reading