Health resort Truskavets
Truskavets is a city famous for healing mineral waters. The date of foundation of the…

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Interesting facts about Slovenia
Slovenia is a beautiful European country, popular among both tourists and immigrants who are looking…

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10 of the most unusual cruises in the world
On our entertainment portal, we have repeatedly told about the most incredible places and countries…


9 best tourist destinations
In such a difficult time for lovers to relax under the scorching sun, I would…


Interesting places in the Belarusian Grodno
Grodno is a city in Belarus, one of the oldest in the CIS. Grodno has…

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emblem as an insult

The most amazing places in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, a huge number of attractions, monuments and the most diverse, interesting and unusual places. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them on our website of the most interesting facts in the world.
Yards-wells: to create a building “solid facade” ordered more Peter. Land in the northern capital has always become more expensive and the construction of U-shaped buildings was made wasteful. The lack of territory in the focus of the megalopolis leads to the construction of buildings immediately adjacent to each other. In this way (whole quarters with a continuous facade emerge. Continue reading

Scandinavia – the country of mysterious legends

Every time Russian travelers begin to share their impressions of acquaintance with Scandinavia, many completely opposite statements arise. Someone can not help delight and seeks again and again to go on tours to Scandinavia: skiing in Finland, see the Norwegian fjords or stroll through the beautiful northern capitals. And someone comes to utter disappointment and argues that it is not possible to understand these closed cold people “without a pint”, and this does not always help. Although, it would seem, it is easier for us, Russians, to understand the Scandinavian peoples – their northern neighbors, but it was not there. Continue reading

Interesting places in the city of Yalta

Spring is around the corner and you need to think in advance about your summer vacation and buy a ticket to warm countries, for example, in Crimea, or rather in Yalta. I would like to share with you in this article the most beautiful and interesting places of Yalta, perhaps after reading the article you decide to go there or even Buy an apartment in Yalta. Who knows.
1. Yalta Crocodilearium is the absolutely newest attraction of the resort city of Yalta. The Yalta Crocodilearium is a large exhibition of the most ancient inhabitants of the planet Earth, which have not changed their appearance for many years, centuries, including epochs. Continue reading