Turkish salt lake Ace
Turkey produces most of the salt from one of the most protected lakes called Ace. In Turkish, it sounds like Tuz Gölü, which translated into Russian, literally means Salt Lake.…

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Forbidden City Oil Platforms
In 1950, Soviet engineers began building a huge city in the Caspian Sea off the coast of Azerbaijan. It was a network of oil platforms, interconnected by hundreds of kilometers…

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5 of the strangest state borders
Where there are boundaries, there will always be dissatisfied. Yes, and the boundaries are always set painfully - through wars, painful negotiations, political fraud and intrigue. It is not surprising…

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Scandinavia – the country of mysterious legends

Every time Russian travelers begin to share their impressions of acquaintance with Scandinavia, many completely opposite statements arise. Someone can not help delight and seeks again and again to go on tours to Scandinavia: skiing in Finland, see the Norwegian fjords or stroll through the beautiful northern capitals. And someone comes to utter disappointment and argues that it is not possible to understand these closed cold people “without a pint”, and this does not always help. Although, it would seem, it is easier for us, Russians, to understand the Scandinavian peoples – their northern neighbors, but it was not there. Continue reading

Taganrog – a city by the sea

Taganrog is located on the coast of the Azov Sea. It is the proximity of the sea that has a strong influence on the weather conditions of this area, although the climate is considered moderately continental. Summer is long, moderately hot, and winter is warm and short, so the city is considered a seaside resort.
The average annual temperature is kept at +10 ° C, but there are also strong frosts and very hot days. Heat and lack of moisture are transferred by residents and guests of the city much easier, thanks to the sea breezes blowing in the afternoon from the sea, and in the evening – in the opposite direction. Continue reading

Interesting facts about the Dominican Republic

Spring has come not so long ago and you need to think about where to go on vacation in the summer months. Or choose a traditional holiday, without leaving the country, and possibly outside the city, or go abroad. And never forget that you can find the best airline with the help of the service Where is better, who does not know gde-luchshe – this is the best guide to services. I propose today to talk about the Dominican Republic, or rather about the interesting facts of the homeland of the cleanest ocean.
In addition to being the birthplace of rumba music and dance, it is also famous for the highest biodiversity – the highest among all the Antilles. There are also a large number of natural areas – mountains, plains, tectonic depressions and the highest waterfall in the entire Caribbean – Aguas Blancas. In addition, only in the Dominicans are found the red-eyed iguanas Ricordi, of which there are about 2 thousand left in the world. Continue reading

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The most ancient cities of the world
This material will not acquaint you with the very first cities that appeared on our planet, but with such cities, which, since its foundation, have been constantly inhabited. Although, the…


10 dangerous roads in the world
The most dangerous roads in the world are an amazing sight. When you drive a car on the edge of the abyss, it takes your breath away so much that…


Across the Atlantic in balloons
Jonathan Trapp was the first man in the world to cross the English Channel in balloons. But he does not stop at what he has achieved, he plans to cross…