10 of the most unusual cruises in the world
On our entertainment portal, we have repeatedly told about the most incredible places and countries…

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Wonders of the most incredible planet
We were lucky to be born on the most beautiful of the planets, the nature…

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10 most unusual parks in the world
Nature is the best artist, but sometimes a person interferes with her design, and thanks…


Interesting places in the Belarusian Grodno
Grodno is a city in Belarus, one of the oldest in the CIS. Grodno has…


Turkish salt lake Ace
Turkey produces most of the salt from one of the most protected lakes called Ace.…

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necessary emphasis

Dangerous tourist destinations

Most people, going on vacation, just want to relax. Knowing this, representatives of the tourist business vigorously offer the most luxurious resorts, simply competing with each other in safety, amenities and amusing rest. They are literally ready to feed tourists with a spoon and talk on their hands – just to lure as many guests as possible. And this strategy works very well.
But there are such stubborn people among the rest, who do not want to be lulled on the shore of the gentle sea, do not want to admire the delicate landscapes, do not want to feast on the most delicious and healthy dishes and listen to heavenly songs. They want to rush out of the blaze of office fire to the fires of natural disasters, military conflicts, famine, and poor sanitation. Continue reading

Health resort Truskavets

Truskavets is a city famous for healing mineral waters. The date of foundation of the spa resort is considered to be 1827, when rooms for the first baths on the site of the source of sulphide mineral water were built here. Truskavets gained fame not only because of the healing waters, it also has large reserves of therapeutic mud and ozokerite – “black wax”. Here, beautiful nature and clean mountain air. The city has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and there are many sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels and holiday homes – finding a sanatorium in Truskavets is not difficult, a very convenient portal with a choice of available Planet Hotels. Continue reading

Ao Nang Resort in Thailand

The resort of Ao Nang in Thailand is the most popular resort, which is located in the province of Krabi. White sandy beaches that stretch for kilometers along the massive limestone cliffs. Perhaps this resort is not the most beautiful place in Thailand, but it offers its visitors a full range of services and entertainment, so necessary for a good holiday. On the territory of Ao-Nang there are many cozy bars and restaurants, the kitchen of which will please every taste. Local beaches will become a real outlet for lovers of extreme sports and scuba diving.
Tourists Ao-Nanga can hardly get lost here: after all, almost the entire resort is located along the coastline parallel to the sandy beaches.
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