The most ancient cities of the world
This material will not acquaint you with the very first cities that appeared on our…

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Interesting facts about Cyprus
Until recently, 5 countries were the top priority areas for rest: Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, India…

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Small town with huge objects
Located on an area of ​​just over 3 kilometers with a population of less than…


Interesting places in the Belarusian Grodno
Grodno is a city in Belarus, one of the oldest in the CIS. Grodno has…


City of a million temples
This amazing place, many did not even know about its existence. Bagan or Pagan is…

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Amazing vacation in Mirgorod

Today Mirgorod is one of the most popular spa resorts in Ukraine. First of all, thanks to the sanatoriums, boarding houses and health centers, which are built next to the healing springs of mineral waters. That is why the resort is in great demand among tourists.
Mirgorod is located in the Poltava region, in the heart of Ukraine. Developed infrastructure, good railway junction, mild climate, hospitable and friendly locals, beautiful nature and, of course, healing mineral water – all this annually attracts thousands of tourists to the resort both from Ukraine and from abroad.
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Unique place – Xishuangbanna

As a national scenic resort, Xishuangbanna is a beautiful place with rich nature, historical and cultural attractions, tropical forests, interlacing of various famous folk groups and many more. other
Xishuangbanna Autonomous Region in Yunnan Province, China, with a total area of ​​19,700 square meters. km, is the birthplace of the people give. Since this place is at a lower level than most other districts, a mild tropical climate reigns here, attracting many tourists from around the world.
Xishuangbanna is a true haven of biodiversity. There are still some recent Asian elephants here. Although these animals are protected by law, many plants are under threat due to the 50-year-old spread of rubber plantations, which completely destroyed part of Chinese forests. Therefore, now it is safe to say about monoculture as an unhealthy trend. Continue reading

Gardens, monuments, high-mountain resorts of Almaty

In the summer of Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty literally immersed in the greenery of gardens, parks, squares. Every year at the end of May, more than 120 fountains turn on the city’s streets, along with the Bolshaya Almatinka and Malaya Almatinka rivers, their sleeves, canals, and reservoirs forming an extensive water network. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the northern Tien Shan mountains, filled with man-made sights, the city has always been an attractive tourist destination.
The train is the most popular way to get to the former capital of Kazakhstan. The railway connects Almaty with many Russian regions and neighboring Asian countries. Continue reading