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Great Britain
The traditions of the United Kingdom are multifaceted. From lunchtime tea to deep musical culture.…

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экскурсии в дубае
10 interesting facts about time zones
Interesting fact 1. Step 3.5 hours long Where: Afghan-Chinese border Crossing this border, the clock…

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Small town with huge objects
Located on an area of ​​just over 3 kilometers with a population of less than…


The most unusual sights of Moscow
On our website we regularly post interesting articles about Russian cities, so we have already…


Interesting facts about Denmark
Today we will talk about the state which is in Northern Europe and is the…

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13 of the most unusual hotels in the world

Most hotels are not much different from each other. But for those who want his holidays to be filled with surprises from beginning to end, there are several suitable places in the world. We present you hotels, rest in which is already an independent adventure.
1. Utter Inn, Lake Malaren, Sweden. This is a project by the Swedish artist Michael Genberg. It looks like a red garden shed, somehow caught in the middle of the lake. In fact, the hotel has an underwater part. For example, the bedroom is located at a 3-meter depth, it has 13 of the most unusual hotels in the world which you can watch the underwater life. Continue reading

City of a million temples

This amazing place, many did not even know about its existence. Bagan or Pagan is an ancient city in Myanmar (Burma) with a fascinating history, this is where the writing, literature, architecture, visual arts of modern Myanmar originated. With full confidence, Bagan can be called the city of a million temples.
The emergence of the Pagan State is an amazing historical phenomenon. A powerful state developed, by historical standards, almost instantly, having conquered the whole world with magnificent works of art, the flourishing of religion and a perfect administrative system. Scientists can not name a specific reason for such rapid development, because the documentary evidence is not preserved. Continue reading

5 of the strangest state borders

Where there are boundaries, there will always be dissatisfied. Yes, and the boundaries are always set painfully – through wars, painful negotiations, political fraud and intrigue. It is not surprising that some crazy stories are associated with borders.
1. Americans who were on the other side of the Mexican border
A fence between Texas and Mexico was erected under President Bush, Jr., in 2008. The goal is obvious: to reduce the number of illegal migrants and block the traffic on oxygen. For the American farmers living on the very frontier, this innovation should have been a great relief (they really were not thrilled by the constantly traffickers plying here and there and the periodic exchange of fire between drug cartels) if not for one small circumstance: these Americans were the result of another side of the fence. Continue reading

Salt Mine in Wieliczka

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is the most famous building of this type in Europe, mainly because of its size and interesting content …
The salt mines in Polish Wieliczka began to be developed back in the 13th century and continued to mine salt until the second half of the 20th century (when several tourist routes were destroyed due to salt mining near historical workings), so today the mine can be called a real museum of the evolution of mining technology rock salt
The first tourists came to the mine in the 15th century, although at that time they were not exactly tourists – access to the mine was open only to the most privileged persons, who had the official permission of the king with his personal signature. Continue reading

Across the Atlantic in balloons

Jonathan Trapp was the first man in the world to cross the English Channel in balloons. But he does not stop at what he has achieved, he plans to cross the Atlantic Ocean on 365 balloons.
1. For his purpose, Jonathan has already prepared 365 balloons filled with helium and an inflatable boat.
2. To realize his goal he will need 300 thousand dollars, which he will spend on the purchase of helium and the purchase of UV-resistant balloons. Jonathan launched a large public company and has already attracted great interest to his person. Due to the emerging popularity, he collects money on the Internet. Already in the mission invested 170 thousand dollars. Continue reading

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The most ancient cities of the world
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32 interesting facts about Mexico
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