Places on the planet where there is no telephone connection
We all have long been accustomed to the fact that mobile communication is almost everywhere,…

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Gardens, monuments, high-mountain resorts of Almaty
In the summer of Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty literally immersed in the greenery of…

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Rest in the UAE: an overview of resorts and attractions
The United Arab Emirates is located on the eastern part of the Arabian coast. Here…


The most amazing places in St. Petersburg
In St. Petersburg, a huge number of attractions, monuments and the most diverse, interesting and…


Unique tourist routes
Most modern tourists turned their attention to intellectual and cultural recreation. Which can fully provide…

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relatively recently

Forbidden City Oil Platforms

In 1950, Soviet engineers began building a huge city in the Caspian Sea off the coast of Azerbaijan. It was a network of oil platforms, interconnected by hundreds of kilometers of roads. On these islands was built housing for 5,000 workers, with a cinema, parks, sports complexes and other institutions. Gradually, oil reserves have been depleted, and now this place is a half-destroyed nostalgia for the old engineering thought of the Soviet man.
In 1999, part of the James Bond film “And the Whole World Is Not Enough” was filmed on these platforms. But back to the story. This region of Azerbaijan has been known for its rich oil resources since ancient times. “Liquid fire”, for which Constantinople was besieged by the Arabs in the seventh century, consisted mainly of oil, which was collected directly on the shores of the Black and Caspian Sea. Continue reading

Amazing vacation in Mirgorod

Today Mirgorod is one of the most popular spa resorts in Ukraine. First of all, thanks to the sanatoriums, boarding houses and health centers, which are built next to the healing springs of mineral waters. That is why the resort is in great demand among tourists.
Mirgorod is located in the Poltava region, in the heart of Ukraine. Developed infrastructure, good railway junction, mild climate, hospitable and friendly locals, beautiful nature and, of course, healing mineral water – all this annually attracts thousands of tourists to the resort both from Ukraine and from abroad.
Sanatoriums provide comprehensive treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system diseases and diabetes. Continue reading

Interesting facts about Krasnoyarsk

Russia is a huge and great country that is rich in great and wonderful cities. I would like to talk about each separately. Let’s start with the largest city of Siberia – Krasnoyarsk. We will hold a small excursion. The godfather of Krasnoyarsk, the initiator of its construction was the first Yenisei voivode Yakov Ignatievich Khripunov, appointed to Yeniseisk in 1623. It was he who sent his relative Andrei Anufrievich Dubensky with the Cossacks up the Yenisei – to look after the place for the construction of the prison, which from the south would cover Yeniseisk from the raids of “non-peaceful” local residents and ensured the collection of tribute from the Kachinsky Tatars. Andrey Dubensky left a horse on the bank of the Yenisei, threw a sword on the ground and said that a city would be founded on this place. That is why the Strelka has a white horse monument dedicated to the Russian explorers of Siberia. Continue reading