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The most amazing places in St. Petersburg
In St. Petersburg, a huge number of attractions, monuments and the most diverse, interesting and…

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Rest in the UAE: an overview of resorts and attractions
The United Arab Emirates is located on the eastern part of the Arabian coast. Here…

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Beijing is a unique city
Officially, 7309 oldest historical monuments are registered in the northern capital. To explore all its…


Dangerous tourist destinations
Most people, going on vacation, just want to relax. Knowing this, representatives of the tourist…


Sights and interesting places in Sevastopol
Sevastopol is a unique city located on the peninsula of Crimea. For a long time,…

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10 dangerous roads in the world

The most dangerous roads in the world are an amazing sight. When you drive a car on the edge of the abyss, it takes your breath away so much that by emotion you can compare it with a parachute jump!
Atlantic Road in Norway
10 dangerous roads of the world (35 photos)
A unique road that was built specifically for tourists. The Atlantic Road connects small islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Amazing landscapes, opening the eyes of tourists, should not distract from the main thing: to preserve their own security. The fact is that there are cases when a powerful wave just washes the car into the ocean.
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Unique beaches of the world

Volcanic Beach (Mexico)
In the Mexican bay of Banderas there is a beach of unique beauty. It is located in a basin near the famous coast of Puerto Vallarta. The beach was created through volcanic activity. The mountain range, which was subject to dissolution by the Pacific Ocean, became a beautiful water bowl with sloping sides. Due to the gentle sand and clear water, this beach is considered one of the most wonderful on the planet.
Papacolea (Hawaii, United States)
Now who can be surprised today with black or pink sand on the beach? Is that people who never left the borders of their own country. But if we say that there is a beach with green sand ?! It is such located in the Hawaiian Islands. Locals call this place a “diamond.” And no wonder, because the beach is covered with chrysolite crystals, which is considered a semiprecious stone. One gram of this mineral costs about a dollar. Therefore, we can say that the money on this beach is right under your feet. Where, if not here to deal with Napoleonic plans? Continue reading

Great Britain

The traditions of the United Kingdom are multifaceted. From lunchtime tea to deep musical culture. Even the weather wears a certain, unique touch – it often rains, there are fogs.
Great Britain
To feel the whole atmosphere of England, you need to delve into its history. And for this, you just need to visit the country, but do not forget to have a UK visa required for study and work, as well as for tourists. Http:// will be the best place to apply for it. Fast, reliable, inexpensive. But numerous ancient constructions, Welsh Park, the Scottish Mountains, unique urban buildings – all this can be found in our educational list.
1. York Gothic Cathedral. This huge building was built several centuries. The structure itself fully reflects the era of the birth of Gothic art in England. Continue reading

Interesting facts about Yoshkar-Ola

Being the capital of the autonomous republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola attracts many tourists, as well as ethnographers and journalists with its national and cultural colors. Here it is fashionable to get acquainted with the unique customs of this small ethnic group, “live” to observe its traditions and national clothes, to taste the dishes of a very peculiar local cuisine. The city has a lot of different sights and interesting places, which you can learn more about at In addition, numerous interesting legends are associated with Yoshkar-Ola, as well as confirmed remarkable facts that have not been confirmed, but very tenacious rumors. Continue reading

Wonders of the most incredible planet

We were lucky to be born on the most beautiful of the planets, the nature of which never ceases to amaze with the brightness of colors, the severity of forms, breathtaking views and the diversity of landscapes. In different corners of the Earth, looking at the beauty, you can see yourself present, such as it is, without embellishment, and believe that we are created by one Creator and that within us lies the beauty that is indescribable in words. You should visit at least one of the most amazing places on the planet, and the impressions of their visit will never be erased from memory. That is why it is just necessary to use the services of the tourism center of the Southern Territory, thanks to which you will be able to touch the atmosphere of those places that we want to survey today. Continue reading

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Interesting facts about Cyprus
Until recently, 5 countries were the top priority areas for rest: Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, India…


Salt Mine in Wieliczka
The Wieliczka Salt Mine is the most famous building of this type in Europe, mainly…