Beijing is a unique city
Officially, 7309 oldest historical monuments are registered in the northern capital. To explore all its…

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Scandinavia - the country of mysterious legends
Every time Russian travelers begin to share their impressions of acquaintance with Scandinavia, many completely…

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Interesting facts about Slovenia
Slovenia is a beautiful European country, popular among both tourists and immigrants who are looking…


Great Britain
The traditions of the United Kingdom are multifaceted. From lunchtime tea to deep musical culture.…


We are going to Paris
Almost every inhabitant dreams of visiting the French capital. About Parisian attractions are known all…

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salt concentration

Interesting facts about Irkutsk

We continue our acquaintance with the Russian cities – Irkutsk. The city is located in the valley of the Angara River, at the confluence of its two tributaries, Irkut and Ushakovka, at the Trans-Siberian Railway, 55 km from the unique natural complex, World Heritage Site – Lake Baikal. Irkutsk is a cultural and scientific center of Eastern Siberia, in which more than 600 thousand inhabitants live.
The ancient Siberian city, founded as a prison in 1661. In the fire of 1879 was severely destroyed. Referred to the historical settlements of Russia; The historic center is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Before the October Revolution, it was a merchant city that flourished for a long time on Russian-Chinese trade, and later on the gold industry; a place of political exile. From 1803, it was the center of Siberia, from 1822 to 1884 — the East-Siberian General Governorship. Continue reading

10 dangerous roads in the world

The most dangerous roads in the world are an amazing sight. When you drive a car on the edge of the abyss, it takes your breath away so much that by emotion you can compare it with a parachute jump!
Atlantic Road in Norway
10 dangerous roads of the world (35 photos)
A unique road that was built specifically for tourists. The Atlantic Road connects small islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Amazing landscapes, opening the eyes of tourists, should not distract from the main thing: to preserve their own security. The fact is that there are cases when a powerful wave just washes the car into the ocean.
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Unique beaches of the world

Volcanic Beach (Mexico)
In the Mexican bay of Banderas there is a beach of unique beauty. It is located in a basin near the famous coast of Puerto Vallarta. The beach was created through volcanic activity. The mountain range, which was subject to dissolution by the Pacific Ocean, became a beautiful water bowl with sloping sides. Due to the gentle sand and clear water, this beach is considered one of the most wonderful on the planet.
Papacolea (Hawaii, United States)
Now who can be surprised today with black or pink sand on the beach? Is that people who never left the borders of their own country. But if we say that there is a beach with green sand ?! It is such located in the Hawaiian Islands. Locals call this place a “diamond.” And no wonder, because the beach is covered with chrysolite crystals, which is considered a semiprecious stone. One gram of this mineral costs about a dollar. Therefore, we can say that the money on this beach is right under your feet. Where, if not here to deal with Napoleonic plans? Continue reading