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10 dangerous roads in the world
The most dangerous roads in the world are an amazing sight. When you drive a car on the edge of the abyss, it takes your breath away so much that…

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Gardens, monuments, high-mountain resorts of Almaty
In the summer of Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty literally immersed in the greenery of gardens, parks, squares. Every year at the end of May, more than 120 fountains turn…

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About the Crimea and an unforgettable vacation on the peninsula
This is a unique peninsula, in a small area of ​​which there are three natural and climatic zones at once: steppes, mountains and the southern coast of Crimea. The Crimea…

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Interesting facts about Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful European country, popular among both tourists and immigrants who are looking for a better life. Surpassing all other Eastern European countries in terms of living standards, Slovenia is a great option for life. In this country, beautiful nature, excellent ecology, and the population happiness index and life expectancy are very high. Here are some interesting facts about this country.
The main attraction of Maribor is the Old Vine House. Next to it grows the most ancient vine on the planet. Her age is over 400 years. Not so long ago this record was listed in the Guinness Book of Records! This vine still produces about 55 kilograms of red grapes annually. Then it is made from an elite and very expensive wine! Continue reading

Small town with huge objects

Located on an area of ​​just over 3 kilometers with a population of less than 3,000, Casey, Illinois is probably considered one of the smallest in the United States, but at the same time it is home to some of the world’s largest objects. Among them: a musical pendant, a rocking chair, knitting needles and a hook, a mailbox, a pitchfork, a golf peg, a pair of wooden shoes, coins, a birdcage, a ruler, a pencil, a corn cob, carnegia, and much more. Eight of these items hit the Guinness Book of Records. Behind all these sights there is only one person – local businessman Jim Bolin.
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Places on the planet where there is no telephone connection

We all have long been accustomed to the fact that mobile communication is almost everywhere, wherever we have been. In particular, when high-speed Internet has appeared in almost all corners of the earth and you can even send an elementary SMS message to your friends and family and, by the way, this can be done absolutely free and quickly with the service. But actually it is not. There are places on Earth where you can’t make a phone call, because there simply isn’t any cellular coverage.
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Interesting facts about Chelyabinsk

1736 is considered to be the founding year of Chelyabinsk. During the Orenburg expedition, a Tatar, Kutlu-Mukhamed Tevkelev, built a guard fortress at the crossroads of several roads to ensure safety. It used to be that the one who controls the roads is the owner of this land. Major General Kutlu-Mukhamed not only successfully participated in the suppression of the Bashkir uprisings in 1735-1740, but was also a Russian diplomat.
Forest forest in the center of a million people. Continue reading

Interesting places in the Belarusian Grodno

Grodno is a city in Belarus, one of the oldest in the CIS. Grodno has a 10-century history. The city went through many historical periods that directly affected its appearance. Among the attractions in the territory of Grodno are the castle, several cathedrals and churches. All this creates a feeling of real medievalism. Below is a list of the most significant sights of Grodno, which must be seen first.
1. Sovetskaya street in Grodno
Interesting places in the Belarusian Grodno
One of the most ancient and popular sights of Grodno is Sovetskaya street. Located in the central part of the city and has a length of 500 meters. It originates from the Soviet Square. On the street there are many attractions – ancient buildings, office buildings, as well as cultural institutions. European architecture is clearly visible on Sovetskaya street, Grodno. Continue reading

Taganrog - a city by the sea
Taganrog is located on the coast of the Azov Sea. It is the proximity of the sea that has a strong influence on the weather conditions of this area, although…


Unique place - Xishuangbanna
As a national scenic resort, Xishuangbanna is a beautiful place with rich nature, historical and cultural attractions, tropical forests, interlacing of various famous folk groups and many more. other Xishuangbanna…


Interesting Facts about Mount Rushmore
“The size of the monument should be determined by the degree of significance of the event for the entire civilization. We are not trying to carve an epic out of…