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Malé, a city surrounded by water
Male is the capital and largest city of the Maldives Republic. It is located on the island of the same name, on the atoll of Kaafu. The population is about…

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Across the Atlantic in balloons
Jonathan Trapp was the first man in the world to cross the English Channel in balloons. But he does not stop at what he has achieved, he plans to cross…

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Ao Nang Resort in Thailand
The resort of Ao Nang in Thailand is the most popular resort, which is located in the province of Krabi. White sandy beaches that stretch for kilometers along the massive…

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We are going to Paris

Almost every inhabitant dreams of visiting the French capital. About Parisian attractions are known all over the world from small to large: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame de Paris), the Louvre, the Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, the Champs Elysees. And if you think about pastry shops, restaurants, parks, it becomes clear why it was here that world-famous cultural figures were inspired. For those who are going to Paris, we recommend this site . Describing each of the above attractions – does not make much sense, because everyone knows about them.
But for those who first came to this European capital, first of all it is recommended to climb the “Iron Lady” – the Eiffel Tower, and from its top tier look at the city for seventy kilometers. But, it is advisable to go up there twice – in the daytime and dark – to see the lights of Paris. Continue reading

The most unusual sights of Moscow

On our website we regularly post interesting articles about Russian cities, so we have already posted interesting facts about: Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Sochi, St. Petersburg and others, but with horror I discovered that on a trip to the capital of our Motherland – to Moscow – together with you set off. I decided to correct this shortcoming and publish the article not just interesting facts about Moscow, but an article about the most unusual sights of Moscow. I would like to note at the beginning of the article, of course, it is great to travel around Moscow on my own, but this is quite laborious for an inexperienced traveler – only one metro can easily get lost or looking at the map of Moscow completely lost. Continue reading

Interesting facts about Cyprus

Until recently, 5 countries were the top priority areas for rest: Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, India and Cyprus. Some destinations are currently limited, and some are gaining their tourists in full swing. You probably heard a lot about the first four countries, but most likely there isn’t about Cyprus. And that is why I would like to tell you about the most interesting facts about Cyprus on this beautiful sunny day. I would like to note that Mouzenidis Travel, which has established itself as a reliable tour operator in the direction of Greece, opened a new direction specifically to Cyprus and how in such a situation you should not think about going to Cyprus, you can read more in the blog.
According to archaeologists, the first people in Cyprus lived about 10 thousand years ago.
Residents who inhabited the island were considered the most famous and richest on the planet. In those days, Cyprus was famous for its rich copper deposits. The metal was mined in the largest quantities, after which it was transported to various states. Continue reading

Rwanda – a country of a thousand mountains

The number of tourists to the city of Ruhengeri, which belongs to a small country in East Central Africa – Rwanda – is increasing every year. For a short rest, the cost of tours to Rwanda is quite acceptable for most people who are going to visit this country. But not only this attracts travelers here. A huge number of rare birds, beautiful flowers and butterflies makes holiday in Rwanda unforgettable.
Rwanda is considered a country of a thousand mountains. Spring is here all year round and almost never drought. Continue reading

Unique tourist routes

Most modern tourists turned their attention to intellectual and cultural recreation. Which can fully provide enterprising tour operators. Ideas for the development of new routes can be gleaned from the most famous literary works or modern films. Moreover, if you do not have your own vehicle, many tourist routes are even more interesting to get on the tourist bus.
We present to your attention the top 10 most interesting routes where events of world famous novels and films have developed.
10th place: In the south of France, in the town of Lupiyak, an official project was launched based on the novel by Alexander Dumas. Equestrian route will allow you to feel like a real Gascon, as well as learn more about the historical basis of the novel and the prototype of the main character – Charles de Batz Castelmore. Continue reading

Turkish salt lake Ace
Turkey produces most of the salt from one of the most protected lakes called Ace. In Turkish, it sounds like Tuz Gölü, which translated into Russian, literally means Salt Lake.…


Interesting facts about Denmark
Today we will talk about the state which is in Northern Europe and is the oldest in the community of states - the Kingdom of Denmark. This community also includes…


13 of the most unusual hotels in the world
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